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Industry Cost Models

Available Cost Models

Wirebond & Leadframe (substrate and assembly)

Flip chip (substrate and assembly)

Fan-in and Fan-out



Price List

Ease of Use

SavanSys cost models are accessed through Microsoft Excel. The SavanSys cost modeling engine executes in the background, but for ease of use, all inputs and outputs can be viewed in Excel.


All cost models are set up to allow for maximum flexibility. Nearly all design parameters have defaults. This means, if it's early in the design cycle, you can run the cost model with only a few basic inputs, like package size and I/O count. The software will select defaults for all other parameters. On the other hand, all common and not-so-common design parameters are available, which means you can create a design as specific as you'd like.

Industry cost models are preloaded with all of the design parameters and default assumptions you need to start estimating costs as soon as you load the model.


Every time you build a design in the cost model, a Process Flow table is created. This table shows the throughput, equipment, material, and all other assumptions for every step. This means that you have control over not just the design details, but the process flow details as well. Additionally, any key design parameters or process flows that are missing from our existing technology cost models can be added at no charge.

Consulting Included

Our generic cost models are sold on a subscription basis. During the period of subscription, SavanSys consultants are on hand to add parameters, make changes, and support calibration.

Model Screenshots

Click through the galleries below to see screenshots of each cost model's design and parameter pages.

Wirebond & Leadframe Cost Model Screenshots

Flip Chip Cost Model Screenshots

Fan-in and Fan-out WLP Cost Model Screenshots

2.5D/3D Cost Model Screenshots

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