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Industry Cost Models

Our generic cost models are based on industry data. They are available for use right out of the box, without the lead time associated with a custom cost model. They include all common process flow options within a technology, and allow the user to input detailed design parameters, as well as access specific process flow details.

Our industry cost models are available for the following technologies:

  • Wirebond & Leadframe (substrate and assembly)

  • Flip chip (substrate and assembly)

  • Fan-in WLCSP

  • Fan-out

  • 2.5D/3D

For more details and screenshots of the model, visit the Industry Cost Model page.

Custom Cost Models


We can build a cost model of your process flow of your factory. When pursuing a custom cost model, we can begin with one of the many existing process flows in our library, or we can start from scratch.

Supply chain cost modeling falls within the category of custom cost models. We can build a cost model (or multiple models) calibrated to your supply chain. Once you understand the pricing behavior of your suppliers, you can avoid surprises at RFQ time. A supply chain cost model will also help you ask the right questions of your suppliers when a quote comes back surprisingly high.


Contact us for more details about the process of creating your own, customized cost model.

Consulting Projects


Our users don't always need to purchase software. If you have a targeted question, it makes more sense to pursue a project instead of licensing any cost modeling software.


Consulting projects can answer questions like the following:

  • Should I use flip chip or fan-out technology for my new design?

  • How do I need to price my material to make it competitive in the market?

  • How does my equipment compete with the incumbent solution?

Click through for more details about what is involved in a consulting project.

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